Rayan Sharara

Rayan Sharara

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About Rayan Sharara

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the country resulting in a month closure. Rayan and Orca stepped up to initiate a ‘Relief Boxes Challenge’ alongside Rebecca Akufo-Addo of The Rebecca Foundation where over 7 000 boxes of essential items were delivered in Orca trucks to those in serious need. Rayan’s charity started at home where the same treatment was extended to all Orca employees, including their full month’s pay during a crippling country lockdown.

Rayan utilized Orca’s trade of importing quality furniture into Ghana to good use by initiating the purchasing and donating of 176 urgently sought-after hospital beds to The Rebecca Foundation. “Innocent lives should not be lost today in our health care facilities due to the ‘No Bed Syndrome’” Rayan Sharara.

Throughout the pandemic, Rayan continuously implemented strategies that allowed Orca to pivot in an unforgiving retail sector. Not only did Orca survive during the country’s economic hardships, but Rayan led Orca to double their turnover within two years of assuming his position as Managing Partner.  


The vision of growing Orca from the 6 000m2 it was, into the 25 000m2 Superstore it is today began when Rayan identified the desire Ghanaians had of wanting something more than the current shopping experience offered in Ghana. Rayan was receptive to the market needs and drove the entire store expansion from design, commissioning to opening in 10 short months. This Superstore is now recognized as the largest standalone store in Ghana, offering a shopping experience unmatched in West Africa.

Rayan is the epitome of what it means to lead by example and has earned the respect of the over 500 employees that serve Orca Deco in Ghana. These qualities have built a solid foundation needed to drive the ever-growing Orca business from strength to strength and envisioning it into The largest household brand in Africa.